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Friday, May 8, 2009

How To Create The Perfect Day

First, pick a day with glorious weather: one part golden sunshine, one part warm temperatures and one part cool breeze. Review Denver's list of TWO HUNDRED parks and decide on the locals' favourite - Washington Park, or "Wash Park" as it's better known, with views of the city skyline and the Rocky Mountains.

Reach for the sky!

Then, find that cute guy who was seated next to you on the United flight from Salt Lake City to Denver. Ask him to drive you to Wal-Mart to pick up a few friends for a picnic at the park.

The view from my seat.

Upon arriving at Wash Park, bring your cute guy and friends to a nice spot with a nice mix of cool shade and sunny spots. Throw off your slippers and plonk yourself on the soft green lawn. Don't bother to spread a towel or picnic mat. Enjoy the gentle tickle of the grassy blades on your bare feet. Retrieve the great reading material you brought along from your backpack.

Colorado - we love being here!

Lay on your back and gaze up at the view above. Mmmmm, very nice.

You just gotta keep lookin' up!

Introduce your guy to the first of your friends and let them get acquainted. Initially, she emits a cold aura but warms up quite quickly. It's great that they get along really well! After all, your friend's such a peach. Don't cobble him if he gets too friendly. The attraction is only temporary. Believe me, everything's just peachy.

Go ahead - let him spoon her.

But Ms Cobbler doesn't quite take to warm weather. She doesn't last long in the outdoors and will probably depart not long after the picnic starts. But don't fret, there's still Ms Brown, a really hot chick, who, rather surprisingly, was almost left on the shelf before we got to her. She's pretty well-seasoned when it comes to meeting new friends over a meal, so it won't take long to take her apart and get to know her inside out.

Ooops, I forgot to wash my hands after the handshake.

Unfortunately, Ms Brown may have a bone to pick about your guy's seemingly rude comments about breast and thighs, and may make a tasty, I mean hasty, departure. Which is fine anyway, cos it gets rather tiresome keeping the dogs away from her. There's something about her scent that drives them wild.

Your remaining friend is really sweet though, and makes you feel all butter about the first two leaving so early. This one really takes the cake and is worth buttering up to and getting to know batter.

Pat a cake, pat a cake...

Watch out for the sneaky squirrel following your every move from the branches above. It's incessant barking probably means it wants to get its dirty little paws on your friend.

I'm watching you...

Keep an eye on him as he slowly inches down that trunk!

Heads up!

Tell your guy to get ready to shoot it if it comes any nearer!

Barking up the wrong tree...

Just spend the rest of the afternoon lazing in the shade doing your own thing. Be glad your guy's into astrology and taking this chance to read about stars, even if his interest in the stars has something to do with wars and is a tad strange, and not very romantic.


Look around and watch the locals spending their Thursday afternoon playing soccer and lacrosse, tossing footballs and frisbees, cycling, jogging, skating and walking their dogs. Be amused at the sight of volleyballs bouncing into the air - little white dots that keep trying to jump over the horizon. Envy the carefree life of the locals. Doesn't anybody here have to work?

Home on the range

Wander off to the nearby lake to watch the ducks. Snicker at the geese vainly parading their orange bills and fancy feathers up and down in front of you.

Life is just one fluffy pageant

Before you know it, the afternoon just floats away and the sun starts to set.

Just floatin' along

Everybody starts packing up and making their way home.

Let's get walkin' now

So you head back to the grassy patch where you left your guy quietly reading his book on stars. You've noticed him reading volumes and volumes of this stuff, even hunting down the missing parts whenever he spies a used book store. He must be pretty good at reading the stars, although you still don't quite understand what yoga and lightsticks and war has to do with star signs and horoscopes. But never mind, you'll probably get it someday.

Potential star-gazer

Pack him up and bring him home with you (it's okay, your parents won't freak out - the little silver bands around your fingers are proof of their permission and blessings. But only try this if you have the little silver bands okay?)

And that, is the no-fail recipe for a perfect day. Make sure you try it some day!


Celine said...

Hey Dan and Yilin,

First of all, can I say how extremely envious I am! Being on the road and in nature looks great, and can't wait till u guys hit South America for more exotic pix.

Wacky humour and cute posts and photos on the blog as well - it's all so much fun!

Guess what, I am supposed to be to NYC this week for work (can't rem if u guys going there) but it was cancelled cos of Swine Flu. Boo. Are you guys affected?

Stay safe, wash your hands after poo-ing, and don't speed on snowy, mountainous roads while left-hand driving!


li ming said...

The day looks perfect. All the days in your blog have looked perfect. I have had a perfect week in Melbourne but that can't compare to the perfect year and I am insanely jealous!

Keep the updates coming...they help to broaden my world beyond the confines of the Maxwell Rd cubicle.

Yi Lin said...

Hi Celine,

Boo the swine flu. Or rather, boo the panic created by it. We were supp to be in NYC this week too, to meet Dan's family. But they cancelled their trip, so we decided to extend our stay in Denver. Then meet my fam in NYC in mid-May.

We wash our hands every chance we get and actually rejoice when public loos provide antibac soap instead of normal soap. And unless the weather takes a really bad turn, we have no more snowy mountain roads to navigate for a long time!

Hi Li Ming,

Aiyoh, not all days are perfect! Like the encounter at BK about sun worship and missiles and ruined fries (see previous post) - that was plain unpleasant. I just tell myself that a bad day on this trip is better than any day spent not doing this. Your Melbourne hol does look perfect - esp. with all the food you cooked! Respect, chef!

Dannie said...

Hey Celine,

Hugs right back!

Sucks that you're not coming to NYC as planned. We could have found a way to meet up and done a Six Flags together or something. Boo indeed.

And yeah.. all that takey-care stuff, Yilin has already replied. So, hugs again! :)


Ada said...
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