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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Telling It As It Is (Part 2)

Speak of the devil!

I received an email from TripAdvisor this morning informing me that my review on Swiss Cottage Inns has been posted onto the website.

Yes, our fault for oversleeping. But there was no need to be rude about it. It's not like we were trying to maximise the US$39 we paid by staying in this measly room for as long as possible.

Plus it was also rather traumatic to have a stranger suddenly open our room door and look in on us, especially when we were groggy with sleep and frozen in shock, and in a state not fit for public viewing.


Zennie... said...

Hahah... I noticed the Ad by Google part at the bottom of all your posts!! Lol...

Yi Lin said...

Haha, yeah! Quite funny how they try to relate to each of our posts. Like for "Food to Diet For" entry - you get all the ads for diet programmes!

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