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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Slaying the Monster (Part 3)

Stealthily, we approached the lair of the Vermonster.

We were appalled by the sheer size of the fiend!

3 of our training dummies could easily fit into the little container beside the monster, and this monster was yet another 15-20 times the size of the container! We knew we had our work cut out for us. With a bloodcurdling yell, we attacked! The monster was quick to react, flashing its colorful patterns at us.

Despite knowing the ways of such monsters (they appear colorful, but that's only to attract prey. There's usually poison or some other dastardly weapon hidden!), we plunged right in, as if we were nuts.

With at least 3 of us continuously hacking at it at any one time, the monster had no chance to recover, no chance to escape. We quickly went past the colorful sprinkles and started on the cookies and brownie.

Cunningly placed bananas tried to slow us down, but knowing what was at stake, we bravely fought past them.
We finally got down to the core of the monster, comprising of 20 scoops of Peanut Butter Cup, Coconut 7-Layer Bar, Yellow Brickle Road and Vanilla Heath Bar Crunch ice creams. Despite the flavors pooling their resources together, we managed to make quick work of it!

With the others in the group tiring fast, I suddenly sensed an opportunity. With a triumphant yell, I finally grabbed the Vermonster by its scruff, and DRANK it all down.

The fight was over. The dreaded Vermonster has been slain!

The fight left all of us totally drained. But no one was more drained than the Vermonster!

The residents of Waterbury cheered our victory, as the triumphant heroes returned back to Stowe to wash the stains of their battle gear.

"There they were, the heroes six
5 of the Tans, and a Cho added to the mix
With plastic spoons and smacking lips
They made the Vermonster a part of their hips!"

And they lived happily ever after, with Peace, Love and Ice-Cream.

(The End)


Jennifer Goh said...

you guys are hilarious and so good in blogging your experiences!!! thanks for constantly bringing a big smile on my face, a great laugh for my mind and manz! im still so filled with envious of you both and still keeping you guys in my prayers! :D

Dannie said...

Glad you enjoyed the story, Jen! Took me 3 hours to plot it out along with the photos! :)

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