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Wednesday, May 20, 2009


The folks are in town! All of the sudden, our little 2-person world becomes really complicated. I find myself repeating the same piece of information 5 times to questions such as "What time is the next ferry?", "Which train are we taking?", "Where are we going next?", etc.

The following conversation on the Tan family's first night in New York City serves to illustrate my plight... and also the rule that if you ask your wife to make you a coffee, you forgo your right to complain about ANYTHING ELSE!

Dad: Come, show me the NYC map and help me orientate.

YL (unfolding map): Okay, we’re staying in Manhattan, which is here (points at map)…

Mum (brewing coffee at the bar for Dad): JIN, JIN! Go there and listen, go!

(Brother joins in conversation)

YL: Okay, so we’re staying in Manhattan, in the Theatre District…

Mum (hurrying over): Wait, wait, I want to listen too!

Dad: Hiyah! You ah, make people start over 3 times!

Mum (bellowing): YOUR COFFEE IS THERE LAH!


Anonymous said...

Hahaha! Oh my GAWD, my family are just like that too! My mum always comes running over when someone's already finished talking 'Hah, whart?'...so you're quite lucky :) hehe

Is nice you're all together though...


Yi Lin said...

Yeah! It's great to have family and company around. I'll probably miss repeating myself five times for every thing that I say after these 3 weeks with them. I'll have to say the same thing to Dan five times then!

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