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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Slaying the Monster (Part 2)

As we stepped into the Graveyard, a chill wind blew. The trees rustled, as if to whisper the news of our mission to anyone who would listen. Goosepimples rising from the sudden cold, Yi Lin muttered,"I wonder what help are we supposed to find here. Perhaps weapons of some sort?" Suddenly, the Ghost of Ethan Almond appeared!

He added:
"But our legacy of nuts live on
As you have proved from now thereon,

The day after the full moon,
Attack the monster with this spoon."

We got our weapons. Yeah! Level up!

"I wonder if that was it." Lint mused. "Weapons are one thing, but how about some strategy?"
At that moment, another spirit appeared!

Dastardly said:
"My demise was too quick and concise,
Though I had weapons and knowledge wise

Now, I'm sure I've found the hole in the loop,

Unlike you, I alone could not attack in a group"

Ah. So cooperation is the key to defeating the dreaded Vermonster. Forewar
ned and forearmed, we decided to turn around and leave the Graveyard. But having turned around, we found another apparition in our way!

His Unholiness hissed:
"I'm fanning the flame,

by spreading its fame.

You can't defeat the Vermonster

You'll only spread its infamy further!"


AngelBoy suddenly appeared and showed the Devil his white-gauntleted finger. With a Mighty "Eep!", the Devil finally disappeared.

"Come with me," AngelBoy beckoned, "I have some training for you, before you face your nemesis.

AngelBoy brought us to his sanctum, the FlavoRoom. With a flick of a hidden lever, he presented some Oatmeal Cookie Chunks ice-cream. Free training dummies! Brandishing our spoons, we leapt into the training regimen with vigor not seem in this town for the past century!

Within minutes, AngelBoy declared us ready to meet our ultimate foe - the Vermonster!

(to be continued)


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