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Monday, May 18, 2009


The night when we exhibited some true blue Singaporean traits and "choped" what we thought was a good spot to capture the fireworks over the Niagara Falls, which take place at 10pm every Friday, Saturday and Sunday in summer, starting 15 May.

Turned out that we were totally off the mark in picking a prime spot. The pyros were fired over the American Falls, and we were faaaaar awaaaay in front of the Horseshoe Falls instead!

ARRGGGHHH!!! The long hours of getting cold and doused in clouds of mist were all for nothing!!!! *sulk*

All I got was a bunch of blah photos.

The daily light-up at 9pm, as seen from the Canadian side. The American Falls are on the left and the Horseshoe Falls on the right.

One side of the arc forming the Horseshoe Falls lighted up

The colours change every few seconds

The other side of the arc forming the Horseshoe Falls, nearer to where we were standing.
The spray kicked up by the falls is really thick - thus the blurry cloud of colour in the photo.

The American Falls, also decked in a poofy rainbow skirting.

The fireworks were rather pretty but run-off-the-mill. Just some flowery bursts fired at various levels for about 5 minutes.

Burst of fireworks at 10pm - way too far away from us. We were caught unprepared.

We were not positioned at a good angle to catch the fireworks actually bursting over the falls.
So I had to be content with catching them over the Rainbow Bridge, which links USA and Canada, instead.

I was so nervous about trying to get good pictures of the fireworks that I stupidly forgot to zoom out and
try to include the falls in the picture. BOO HOO.

Doesn't help that some giant water droplet is causing some lens flare in all my shots.

After the fireworks display ended, Dan turned to me and said: "That was okaaaaay only right? The colours were quite pretty, but there was no music and no choreography. The Marina Bay Singapore Countdown fireworks are SO much better. You know, the ones that you work so hard to get for my birthday every year?" (His birthday is on 30 December. The last precious seconds of his past 2 birthdays were spent loitering around Marina Bay at the Esplanade Theatres waterfront while I attended rehearsals for the New Year's Eve Countdown.) Trust the husband to say the sweetest things.

I'm totally not happy with how the photos turned out. There was the option to extend our stay at Niagara Falls for another day and try to get better photos the next night. But the weather was quite dreary and we would have been bored to death waiting out the day just for a repeat of the fireworks.

So moved on, we did.

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