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Monday, May 4, 2009


We've been getting so many mails and comments and warnings about the H1N1 virus (aka swine flu) that is spreading throughout the world that it seems apt to address this in our blog.

Despite mostly spending our time in the National Porks over the past 2-3 weeks, we have been aware of the pandemic that started when some Mexicans got infected and flu into the US, and other countries.

Well, pragmatic globe-trotters that we are, we do realise that it is pretty impossible to avoid all dangers pertaining to travel. Nonetheless, we have decided to take some precautions and not do anything stupig.

We wish to asausage all our family members, friends and readers that:

1) We are still in the pink of health
2) We will maintain hygienic practices like washing our hands with soap, and being careful with what we touch
3) In the event that we have to touch something that thousands may have touched before, we have our wet tissues with antiseptic oinkment for a quick clean.
4) We will watch each other like a hog for flu symptoms
5) Either of us exihibits symptoms, we've decided that it's snort wise to dilly-dally. We will see a doctor immediately.

Sow, dear readers, rest assured that we will take care of ourselves. Don't worry!

P.S: I was boared. Forgive the puns.


Anonymous said...

Yi lin: Pls clear and vet your Danny's work.. Draft thru' so & so....HAHAHA...PIN

Yi Lin said...

Oh tsk tsk, how could I have forgotten the procedures so soon? :)

Drafted by: Dannie Cho (4 May)
Vetted by:
Approved by:
Posted on: 4 May

Alas, as the approving officer was busy rescheduling flights, the middle stages were not carried out before the OIC proceeded to post the entry. Please be assured that we will follow the procedures for future posts.

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